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Green Clay Powder

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Green Clay Powder
Ref# CPA103 | 5.5lb. | $59.80 |  Discontinued

Ingredients: pure non-irradiated green montmorillonite clay

Product of France

Not tested on animals, No animal by-products

Notes: Never reuse any clay because once used, clay is loaded with toxins, pollutants and chemicals, whichever it absorbed from your body. Read more in the holistic self-care section to learn how to best use clay as well as to get aware of the contraindications.

Same clay as in our smaller packaging this version offers a better value if you use clay a lot.

The French green clay or green montmorillonite is the most potent clay due to its exceptional content in silicon and many different minerals and trace elements. It has been known and used for its beauty and healing properties for millennia.

Montmorillonite clay acts like a sponge and a sticky paper for impurities, pollutants and chemicals. It also stimulates healthy biological processes in the skin and body.

Detoxification Cure Apply a clay poultice or drink clay water for a few weeks to remove pollutants, chemicals, toxins from your body and stimulate the healthy biological processes (get the clay cure protocols in holistic self-care).

Custom Beauty Mask make your own mask adapted to your complexion and needs. A simple clay mask made with water is powerful enough to purify and rebalance your skin. Because pollution is everywhere, a weekly purifying mask is a necessity to ensure for the health of our skin today, tomorrow and much later.

Healing and Pain-Relieving Care: clay poultices help to speed up the healing and reduce the pain of burns, insect or animal bites, fractures and muscle, joint or back pain (and many others - read more)

Essential Oral Care Green clay can be used as a tooth-brushing powder or to prepare your own mouthwash. Clay will clean and purify your teeth and gums from impurities and bad bacteria. It is appeasing and healing in case of gingivitis and abscesses.

Digestive problems and food poisoning antiserum Had a dinner in a restaurant which turned sour later at night with stomach ache? Drink a tablespoon clay with a glass of water to ease the pain. Many other digestive problems such as ulcer, heartburns, acidity can be cured with clay.

Clay Bath: a great way to purify and cleanse every single pore of your skin and get the toxins out. Combine with essential oils to enhance the beneficial action of clay

More indications can be found in our holistic self-care section


Detox cure and clay baths see our clay recommendation in the holistic self-care section.

Beauty mask apply a layer of 1/8" on the face or T-zone avoiding the eye and lip contour. Leave on for 10mn. Do not let the clay overdry. Rinse with clear water and moisturize (read more).

Healing or pain-relieving care apply a 3/4" to 1" layer on the troubled spot, cover with cheese cloth or towel paper and wrap with a towel or bandage. Leave on for 2h, making sure that the clay does not dry, then rinse with clear water. Depending on the severity of the hurt, repeat daily, biweekly or weekly until complete healing (read more).