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Clay for external use

Clay can be used externally with great success on many different symptoms, thanks to specific properties. Indeed, clay has been shown to have an antiseptic action, while respecting the tissue on which it is applied, a cicatrizing action by stimulating the cellular regeneration and protecting the scar, an hemostatic action, a cleaning effect and a sedative and relaxing action.
  • Clay has been used with great success in dermatology for symptoms like: acne, scar, wound, bite, sting, burn, abscess, boil, psoriasis, athlete feet, mycosis, eczema and other dermatitis.
  • It is also a precious help in case of fractures, articular pain (arthritis, arthrosis), back pains of diverse origins, sprains, tendinitis, cramps.
  • Clay has been utilized in cosmetics for millennia. By purifying the skin and the underlying tissues, it helps it to stay healthy and radiant. As part of masks, shampoos, soaps, body-wraps, baths, toothpaste, by itself or, even better, in combination with plant extracts, elixirs or essential oils, clay will bring the beauty from the source, from inside.

Beauty and Healing with using clay externally


A beautiful skin is a healthy skin. For you to be healthy and beautiful, your skin needs to breathe. Just at the physical level, Clay is very important because applied as a mask, it will deeply purify and invigorate your skin. It will pull out toxins, pollutants, chemicals and dust which prevent your skin from breathing. But Clay acts at more than the physical level. Egyptians were putting clay on their faces when a family member died because they knew that clay is purifying. Clay mask not only purifies your skin, but it also purifies your mind, your emotions.

Directions for external use

Externally, clay may be used as part of powder, poultices, masks, baths, mouthwash, nose showers, wraps, shampoos and soaps. Poultices are made by adding a small amount of water to a bowl of clay, letting this mix rest until complete absorption of the water by the clay, preferably under the sunlight. The poultices should cover the area to treat with a 3/4 inch thick layer, wrapped with a cotton cloth and be left on for at least one hour. Poultices may be kept for a few days if in a hermetic container. Important: Never reuse any clay!

Purifying beauty mask

Clays are a simple, inexpensive and wonderful way to take care of your skin. Its amazing properties can be applied for many different conditions. Find out what's good for you.

Applied as a mask, it purifies, vitalizes and boosts the cell renewal of the skin. Both Green and White Clays also deeply clean the pores and refine the skin structure. This is a great way to get rid of acne, blackheads and pimples. Your skin breathes better, and thus is healthier.

Green Clay is richer in minerals and is more tonic, antiseptic and absorbing than white clay: use it for normal, combination and oily skin and to get rid of acne.

White Clay is softer and can be used on sensitive, normal and oily skin. It is a very potent pore refiner.

Apply a 1/8" layer on your whole face (if normal or oily skin) or T-zone (if very dry or sensitive skin) avoiding the eye and lip contour. Leave on for 5-10mn. Do not let the clay dry out. Rinse with clear water and moisturize carefully with Rosalia Intensive Moisturizing Cream or Pure Wild Musk Rose oil.

TIP: if you make your own Clay mask, you can enhance the benefits of your purifying clay mask by mixing Clay with floral waters, herbal teas or essential oils.

Custom beauty mask

Prepare your own mask adapted to your complexion and needs.

Mix clay powder with pure water, egg yolk or Wild Musk Rose oil to purify your skin and bring the nutrients it needs. A simple clay mask made with water is powerful enough to purify and rebalance your skin. Because pollution is everywhere, a weekly purifying mask is a necessity to ensure the health of our skin today, tomorrow and in the future.

TIP: for each specific mask, make sure that the paste is not too stiff, not too loose, but has the right consistency of a soft paste which can stick to your face without dripping or falling.

Normal skin:
Green clay1 tbsp
Egg yolk1
Water1 tsp

Dry skin:
Green clay1 tbsp
Egg yolk1
Wild Musk Rose oil1 tsp
Water2 tsp

Oily skin:
White clay1 tbsp
Water1 tbsp

Green clay1 tbsp
Water1 tbsp

Revitalizing mask for dehydrated skin:
Green clay1 tbsp
Egg yolk1
Wild Musk Rose oil1 tsp
Shea butter1 tsp
Water1 tbsp

Anti-wrinkle beauty mask

Apply a layer of green clay on the wrinkles and leave it on for 10min. Rinse with water and apply a rich and nourishing moisturizer like Intensive Moisturizing Cream or pure Wild Musk Rose oil by gentle circular massage until complete penetration. Repeat frequently and don't forget to drink plenty of pure water everyday. Your skin will become softer, more supple and more alive. A real baby's skin look!

Clay bath

A great way to purify and cleanse every single pore of your skin and get the toxins out. A well known Naturopathic Doctor, Professor Lautie was also using clay to clean and rebalance people's electric field. We live in a world filled with a maze of electromagnetic fields. Just think of your cell and wireless phones, your computer, your car, your microwave, your satellite dish and radio, the subway... All these fields affect your own natural electromagnetic field, not always in the best way. Clay baths will help you to remove pollution from your body, whether it's chemical or electric.

Just drop a few tablespoons of Green Clay in a hot water bath... Enjoy!

You may combine with essential oils to enhance even more the beneficial action of clay.

After the bath, rinse your body with cold water, it will invigorate and tone up your skin. Feel the lightness of your body and the softness of your skin!

TIP: if you stir the bathwater while it's draining out, clay will not clog your drain.

Don't Forget To Also Drink Plenty Of Pure Water!!!

Healing or pain-relieving care

Apply a 3/4" to 1" layer on the troubled spot, cover with cheese cloth or towel paper and wrap with a towel or bandage. Leave on for 2h, then rinse with clear water. Depending on the severity of the hurt, repeat daily, biweekly or weekly until complete healing.


Mix 1 tsp of green clay 1 one glass of water and use it to clean and purify your teeth and gums from impurities and bad bacteria. Rinse your mouth several times until you used up the entire glass. Appeasing and healing in case of gingivitis, abscesses and bad breath (halitosis).

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