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Clay internally: Detox | Stomach Ache/Hearburn | Colitis | Flu/Cold | Bad Breath | Food poisoning

Clay for internal use

Preferably sun dried, fine or superfine clay may be used internally thanks to its consistency, composition and cleanliness. Montmorillonite is the clay of election for internal use because it has a specific molecular structure which allows an extremely high adsorption as well as absorption capacity. By acting as a strong detoxifying agent, green clay removes whatever hinders the healthy biological processes in the body. In parallel, Clay also protects the gastro-intestinal tissues, can neutralize acid or alkaline excess and heal a food poisoning crisis, regulates bowel movement.

Clay has been used for centuries for:

  • Detoxification
  • Heartburn, stomachache, gastritis, stomach ulcer, flatulence, colitis, functional colopathy, food poisoning, abdominal bloating, diarrhea.
  • Gingivitis, bad breath, stomatitis, dental abscess, mouth ulcer.
  • Colds, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis.
  • Acidosis, hepatic dysfunction, intoxication, parasitosis.
  • Clay like Illite is ultra rich in minerals and trace elements and can be used as a mineral supplement in combination with plants extracts or herbal teas. Minerals present in clay include: aluminum, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, germanium, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, potassium, sulfur, selenium, silica, silicon and zinc.

Healing with clay

Clay is a natural healer and acts softly on the body. However it is wise to gently start internal use of clay with Clay Water. Clay Water is prepared by adding one teaspoon of clay into a glass of water, steering it well and leaving for a few hours for clay to deposit at the bottom of the glass. The water will have fine elements of clay suspended with large elements at the bottom. Carefully drink the water only. After a week or two of drinking Clay Water, the whole glass of water and clay can be drunk as the body is used to clay. Instead of water, you can use juices or herbal teas, whatever suits better your taste. But do not use milks.

One glass of Clay Water in the morning is sufficient. After about 6 weeks of drinking clay one can make a few week break and resume. Six weeks cures are particularly recommended in spring and autumn. When doing a clay cure, it is very important to drink plenty of water (significantly more than usually).

For some condition more aggressive clay consumption is required. In most cases 2 glasses of water with clay will suffice. In severe cases (i.e. food poisoning), more concentrated solutions of clay may be required every 2 hours, until amelioration of the symptoms.


Heavy metals from fishes, pesticides from fruits and vegetables, chemicals from water... We are all, you, me and the rest of the world, concerned by what is now called "body burden": the chemical pollution in our body. If you have decided not to just ignore the problem but instead take care of it, clay is what you are looking for to free your body from all these scary toxic substances. Clay is a natural healer and acts softly but deeply on the body. Because Clay is a powerful natural medicine, gently start your clay detox cure with Clay Water. Yes! You can drink clay! It sounds strange, but you will soon find that you are craving for this very earthy taste for the great feeling of wellbeing it gives you inside. Clay removes chemicals, toxins and pollutants from your body and traps them. It does a thorough internal cleansing and also helps your body to get rid of bad bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Stomach ache/Heartburn

Clay is very potent in relieving and healing heartburn and stomach aches. For best results, you need to undertake a 21 days treatment. Take daily three glasses of white clay (Kaolin) dissolved in water, one after each meal. This cure will definitely help you to relieve the symptoms, the discomfort and the pain.

You will also need to avoid all irritating foods (acids), spices and stimulants (meat, tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol).

As an option for perfectionists, you can even enhance the benefits of the clay cure by mixing 1 tsp of psyllium husk powder and 1 tsp of licorice powder in the clay water before drinking.
You will also benefit from a simultaneous cure of Coral Calcium cure. To prevent any relapse, take 1 glass of clay water a day for one week/month Enjoy a new life, free of stomach ache and heartburns!


This is a serious ailment, and you cannot use these advices without actual medical colitis diagnosis. Take 2 glasses of green clay water daily: 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Repeat this daily routine for 21 days and monitor how much your condition improved. Take a 1 week break and repeat the same 21 day cure if necessary.

If you have constipation, you first need to relieve this symptom with psyllium husk powder (do not use strong laxatives!). Change your diet and at any cost eliminate the following foods: breads, spices, mixed salads and animal products, caffeinated foods, alcohol. Instead eat mostly vegetarian and soft fruits (no acid!). Combine with infusions of Chamomile and Licorice herbal tea.


Take green clay water and green clay baths (make sure the bath is not too hot if you have a lot of fever). Use Green Clay poultices on the forehead and nose for 1h. Gargle with Green Clay water, adding some sea salt. You will heal visibly faster if you stay in bed for a couple of days and rest and if you are on a very simple diet (vegetable bouillon). Depending on the gravity of your symptoms, you can be up and running in no more than a couple of days. You can mix your green clay water with antiseptic herbals like Echinacea, Propolis and essential oils like Ravensere, Lavender to combine the benefits of powerful natural solutions.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

It's either a dental problem or -most likely- a digestive problem. Check with your dentist that nothing is wrong with your gums and teeth. If everything is clear on that side, take one glass of Green Clay water morning and evening for 3 weeks. Gargle with Green Clay water, adding some sea salt. Avoid processed foods and reduce your meat and dairy intake. You may combine with Propolis or Sage herbal tea if available.

Food poisoning antiserum for you or your pets

Drink clay water as soon as you see or feel symptoms like strong nausea and diarrhea. You may use bigger amounts of clay in this case to trap and neutralize the poison. I had to take 3 full glasses of green clay water, made each with 1 big Tbsp of clay to heal from a very bad case of food poisoning once. 30 min. after the last glass of clay, I was happily sleeping. Otherwise I would have been VERY sick all night long, given that I have sensitive stomach and liver.


Clay is a very powerful natural remedy and should not be used unwisely. Please do not take clay
  • if you have chronic constipation
  • if you have high blood pressure
  • if you have a very fat diet
  • during meals if you use poultices
  • if you are taking medications, do NOT absolutely NOT take clay at the same time

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