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Shea Butter - Revival of African Wonder

The kernels of the Karite fruits have been used in many African countries for millennia. It is believed that the Queen Nefertiti owed the magnificence of her beauty to the daily use of shea butter since it holds extraordinary healing and regenerating components for the skin.

The Karite tree can live for 300 years. The fruits ripen during the tornado season and fall in June. The kernels of the karite fruits contain 50% of fatty components which can be extracted by 3 different ways: by hand-crushing, by pressure and by chemical solvents. However, it is only through the traditional crushing method that the natural shea butter can keep all its exquisite properties. The karite fruit kernels have helped African people to heal the dryness of their skin for a very long time.

Winter, wind, harsh climate, dryness of homes and offices, professions where you have to wash your hands many times a day, aggress the skin that needs a deep and thorough moisturizing. Skin conditions like skin cracks, sunburns, very dry and sensitive skins, dermatitis and dry eczema require a daily and efficacious attention. It is also useful for physical exercise since it prepares muscles before the effort, makes and helps them to be more enduring and recover after. Not only is shea butter soothing, hydrating, nourishing and protecting, but it is also healing.

Shea butter is an exceptionally complete and versatile natural skin care. Nature Purity offers shea butter in 100% unrefined organic quality, pure or infused with organic argan oil and organic essential oils for a better comfort of use and enhancement of its healing and moisturizing properties.

Our shea butter is manually handcrafted by women cooperatives in Burkina-Faso as part of a fair-trade agreement and contains a minimum of 8% of the unsaponifiable fraction, which makes it not only a premium shea butter but also one of the bests on the market.

Hydration and Nurture

In African countries, mothers put shea butter on their babies to prevent or heal irritations. They use it on their face, hands and body especially during summer time and the windy season.

Since it is the most exposed part of the body, the face gets the most benefit from the daily use of shea butter. Its high content in unsaponifiable (phytosterols) and vitamin A, D, E and F nourish and hydrate the skin while stimulating its elasticity and preventing and healing fine lines and wrinkles.

In case of dry, very dry, tired or sensitive complexions, Shea butter is the perfect natural solution.


In cold countries, shea butter helps to keep the side-effects of cold and dryness under control. Whether you go skying or just have to live through a rough winter, daily use of shea butter will help you to keep your skin healthy, moisturized, soft and supple.

During summertime, your skin also suffers from dryness and sun exposure. Shea butter provides a slight natural protection against sunlight as it contains a small amount of a natural sunscreen (not enough to protect you against heavy sunlight). However, it is a perfect skin care for before and after sunbathing or after swimming. A small amount of shea butter is enough to moisturize and nurture as once it has penetrated completely, it leaves a silk-like sensation on the skin that provides a thorough and long-lasting protection against dryness. It will also enhance and even your suntan.

Shea butter is the perfect solution for dull, devitalized, dry and damaged hair. It provides a rich protecting conditioner to apply after shampoo or before swimming.

Shea butter is also ideal as a lip balm and provides a beautiful glossy look on your lips. Lips absorb it very readily and are protected from dehydration and cracks.


Drop a tablespoon of shea butter into your hot bath. Massaging carefully your arms, legs and body provides an instant feeling of wellbeing. Shea butter will leave a thin protecting and nourishing layer on your whole body.

Anti-Aging Care

The more you age, the more your skin gets dry and looses its elasticity. By taking daily care of your skin with natural moisturizing products, you reduce the appearance or deepening of existing fine lines and wrinkles.

Shea butter contains phytosterols, fatty acids and vitamins that stimulate the natural cellular regeneration process and the suppleness of the dermis. It constitutes one of the best cares to heal and nourish dry or dull skins and to prevent the ravages of aging.

Perfect and Simple Care for Men

Men are discovering the relaxing and wellbeing effect of cosmetic treatments on body and soul. The daily use of shea butter is simple enough to be followed everyday and will take care of men's skin for hydration, anti-aging action and will even heal the razor cuts or just the burn of everyday shaving.

Once a week, apply a nut of shea butter on the entire body from head to toe, while insisting on articulations, toes, heels and nails.

Muscle Care

African men discovered that shea butter not only kept their skin supple, but also that massaging their legs and arms with shea butter made their muscles very supple and helped them to be in top condition to run for very long distance. Shea butter is indeed beneficial for sportive and exercising people as it helps muscles to go further in the effort. Massage your body with shea butter before warming up, your recovery from the effort will be faster and the drainage and elimination of toxins from the muscles will be done more readily and thoroughly.

Skin Healing

Shea butter is subdivided in two main active fractions: the moisturizing fraction and the healing fraction. Its unusually large unsaponifiable fraction contains some important phytosterols called karitesterols (Alpha spinasterol and delta-7 stigmasterol) which stimulate the healthy cellular processes and regeneration. In addition to these phytosterols, it contains some active resin esters essential for skin protection (Alpha and beta amyrine), cicatrisation (parkeol), germicidal effect (lupeol) and sun care (butyrospermol). Other high concentration nutrients and vitamins A, E and F in Shea butter make it a very potent natural care which improves skin conditions like dry eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks, burns, wrinkles, rosacea, scars, skin cracks, razor bumps, waxing rash and small wounds.
In case of itching or insect bite, the relieving effect of shea butter is immediate.
For other skin conditions, a few weeks of daily use of shea butter may be necessary before seeing healing and improvement. Please be patient and give natural products a real chance to act in depth.

Try our organic Shea butter pure or infused with organic Argan oil and organic essential oils for even more comfort of use. Purity of these 100% natural and organic products will soothe your body and soul and will leave a silk-like sensation on your skin.

Enjoy beauty and health from the Source thanks to Shea butter!