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Absolute Serum is an absolutely must for your skin
Organic Corn Flower Floral Water

Organic Corn Flower Floral Water
Ref# CPA740 | 6.8fl.oz. | $16.45 | 

Ingredients: Pure 1st grade organic Cornflower (Centaureus cyanus) hydrosol

Made in France

Colorants free, paraben free, chemical perfume free, preservatives free

Not tested on animals, No animal by-products

The beautiful flower of Cornflower is a miracle for tired and inflamed eyes and puffy face. Use it everyday as a toner after your cleanser and before moisturizing your skin. Once a week, wet 2 cotton pads with Cornflower hydrosol and put them as compresses on your eyes for 10 min... Relax and enjoy the lightening and healing effect of Cornflower on your face!

Hydrosols, also called floral waters, are the aromatic by-products of the distillation of essential oils. Nature Purity's hydrosols are the 1st and top grade of all hydrosols. It means that they have been made out of organic plants and they come from the state-of-the-art distillation of pure essential oils. Because Nature Purity's hydrosols haven't been diluted, they retain all the vibrant energy which helps balancing, soothing and fortifying the skin. Moreover, our production process and packaging allows us not to put any preservatives, not even alcohol (which dries the skin out) which you can find in many brands. Nature Purity's hydrosols are the highest quality you can find AND they are certified organic. Directly from the Source to your skin...